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School Closure Letter

Dear Parents, 

I am writing to let you know that tomorrow (Thursday) will be my last day in school for the time being. Unfortunately, my husband has a serious long-term lung condition and is on the at risk list. I am becoming increasingly worried about shielding him from the virus and have therefore taken the decision to spend tomorrow preparing the children for remote learning and giving them work books etc and then leaving Mrs Vincent and Mr Patterson to supervise their learning on Friday.

From Sunday evening, I will be uploading work to this blog on a daily basis and would appreciate it if you could oversee the children doing their work.  I will be setting Maths, English, Reading and one other activity each day. I will also be recommending websites where the children can practice basic skills and find out information for topic work. By putting the work online the night before, it should give you a chance to see what is expected for the next day. I know this is a big commitment for you and that homework, at the best of times, can be very stressful. I will therefore try to make the work as straight forward as possible whilst keeping it meaningful with the right amount of challenge. Please let me know, by email, if there are problems and I will try to sort them out.

For year 6, a lot of the work will be revision as we have worked hard to complete the syllabus well ahead of the SATs. Whilst SATs have been postponed, the children need to be prepared for me to teacher assess. I may do this by sending test papers through the post- the children did seem rather disappointed today, that they might not be able to do the tests, so this should cheer them up a bit!!!!

We will be doing some RE work in the run up to Easter and then, after the holidays...yes, there will be holidays!! -our humanities topic work will be a project about people and places around the world. We have started this by looking at life here in Dorset and are about to move on to looking at the European Alpine Region and then Mexico, The Amazon and The Grand Canyon.  It would be great if the children could create their own project which could take various forms: power points, leaflets, models and hand written/drawn pieces etc. I will let you know when to start on a new country and will offer some ideas for research and activities on an ongoing basis.

It is really important that the children stay active and healthy during this period of time and I will be thinking of ways to encourage them to do this. To begin with, try to get them outside as much as possible on walks, bike rides, trips to the park etc. House points will be awarded for children making it to the top of our hills (Hambledon, Hod and Okeford- photographic evidence please!  Let me know if you have any other good ideas for physical challenges that allow for social distancing as appropriate, and I will post photos on the blog to motivate everyone.

I hope that everyone stays safe and well through this worrying time and that we will all be back together again before too long. I have told the children to try to find new things to do, to limit their screen time and to enjoy some family time. I wish you all well and thank you in advance for your support.

Please don`t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. This is obviously unfamiliar territory for us all and we need to make things work as well as we can.

Best Wishes

Sarah Salisbury