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History at St Nicholas Primary school aims to provide pupils with a thorough understanding of the past of both Britain and the wider world, ensuring that children are able to think critically when examining evidence and can develop their own opinions, which they can then back up with their historical knowledge.

The new National Curriculum (2014) provides guidance on subject content, while Reception is governed by the Early Years Foundation Stage document. The whole school plan aims to ensure that learning is progressive and that historical skills are central to learning, with links made between aspects of history being studied, so that pupils have a good chronological understanding. This will also ensure children can compare and contrast events and note trends over time.

Placing each period of history studied onto a timeline enables children to locate themselves in relation to other periods studied and current events. A variety of enriching teaching approaches are encouraged, including: teacher presentations, role-play and story telling; question and answer sessions; discussions and debates; investigating artefacts, maps, photographs, paintings and other documents as sources of evidence; and outside visits or visiting speakers to bring history ‘to life’.