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At St Nicholas CE Primary School we seek to provide an all-inclusive environment where all children achieve their potential by 'exploring possibilities together.' We aim to develop our personal values of respect, curiosity, community and friendship. In English, we aim to inspire as well as educate our pupils. We provide the children with every opportunity possible, from high quality teaching and learning, to the use of a wide variety of outside resources such as: author visits, book fairs and theatre visits to develop their skills and love of this subject.

Our English Curriculum encourages our children to be:

  • Effective, competent communicators and good listeners;
  • Express opinions, articulate feelings and formulate responses to a range of texts both fiction and non-fiction using appropriate technical vocabulary;
  • Foster an interest in words and their meanings, and to develop a growing vocabulary in both spoken and written form;
  • Enjoy and engage with and understand a range of text types and genres;
  • Be able to write in a variety of styles and forms showing awareness of audience and purpose;
  • Develop powers of imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness in all areas of literacy;
  • Use grammar and punctuation accurately;
  • Understand spelling conventions;
  • Produce effective, well-presented written work using Letterjoin. Letterjoin is our chosen handwriting scheme at St. Nicholas. This is a progressive and developmental scheme from Reception through to Year 6.     

Please read our English Policy under the policy section of our website for details of how we teach reading, writing and phonics.

Also, please see the right-hand section of this page, 'Read, Write, Inc', for further details of our phonics programme.