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Orienteering Club

Orienteering 2022                                                                                                                                                           Wimborne orienteering is brilliant! It`s well set up and lots of fun. The way it works is that you are  given a scanner, a map and a course sheet to work with. There are numbers on your map and a circle where the place is. When you get close to the circle`s position, you will see a red cuboid with a hole in the middle. You put your chip scanner into the hole and you should hear a beep. If you don`t, hold it in a bit longer and then it should eventually beep. When it beeps, your chip has picked up the position and you can move on to the next one. There should be 6 places on the course until you return to the finish cuboid near the computer and then you will get a new course and a biscuit!

On the challenge (the seventh course) you have to go to a particular scanner and then visit all the other scanners in any order as fast as you can.

It is ridiculously good fun and brilliant for getting out and about. If you come across Wimborne orienteering, we would recommend you give it a go!

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