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Safeguarding in English schools:

The House of Commons Library has published a briefing providing information on the safeguarding responsibilities of schools in England including: the role of governing bodies, head teachers and school staff; safe staff recruitment; and procedures for dealing with allegations against members of staff.

Source: UK Parliament  Date: 27 June 2017

Keeping children safe is our top priority and we welcome your support in helping to ensure the safety, happiness and well –being of all our children is maintained.

Please take the time to regularly check your child’s computer settings and history. More and more we are getting children who are upset over games they have played online at home or conversations they’ve had over skype.  We regularly talk to them about the dangers of the web but we can’t take responsibility for what they are accessing at home. We need your help to ensure, that together, we are continually raising the children’s awareness and understanding, of the consequences of too much gaming and internet access. If we don’t get this right the impact on their health, well – being and safety will be seriously jeopardised.

In school we continue to work with the Safer Schools Team, to deliver age appropriate programmes to children across our school .Our e-safety curriculum also helps to reinforce the risks and pressures the children  face in today’s world and develop their resilience.

There is a wealth of help already out there to support parents .  We  have listed some useful websites below, created by CHILDNET, a non- profit making organisation, working to help keep children safe.

Other Websites: